Monthly rates 2019 – High season

High season: April to September
Room / Apartmentm2Price per nightExample rate for 30 days
Hotel Studio 0126EUR 49,-EUR 1470,-
Hotel Studio 0232EUR 56,-EUR 1680,-
Hotel Studio 0330EUR 57,-EUR 1710,-
Hotel Studio 0435EUR 67,-EUR 2010,-
Hotel Studio 0540EUR 67,-EUR 2010,-
Hotel Studio 0629EUR 60,-EUR 1800,-
Hotel Studio 0730EUR 64,-EUR 1920,-
Hotel Studio 0825EUR 52,-EUR 1560,-
Hotel Studio 0930EUR 64,-EUR 1860,-
Hotel Studio 1036EUR 64,-EUR 1920,-
Apartment PA50EUR 70,-EUR 2100,-
Apartment PA123120EUR 92,-EUR 2760,-
  • All extensions, after first 30 nights are against the discounted rates as mentioned above;
  • All rates mentioned above are including kitchen; Ÿ
  • Additional person € 10,- a night. Ÿ
  • All mentioned rates are including 6% VAT.
  • All rates are excluding city tax (€ 3.40 p.p.p.n.) please note: only the first 21 nights of the entire stay has to be settled.
  • Our cancellation procedures apply on all hotel reservations, which can be provided to you on request.
  • The property is available for expats only.